Raphaël Kettani

Live-Painting, Beaubourg 2020, Paris © Christine Renard

Raphaël Kettani

Raphaël, 29 is an extremely talented Belgian painter from the creative field of Brussels who has garnered recognition for his mesmerizing contemporary Universe.

His prolific and opulent artwork of complex and compelling compositions on canvases, drawings, art print editions and large-scale murals projection shows represent some of the most magnetic contemporary art on display today. Skate boards, sofas, art cubes, tables, caps also expresses some of his refined art supports. Inscribed in a new art current, he created his own Made in Street mouvement by doing on canvases in chosen city streets some unique spotted live paintings outdoors moments.

His paintings which wonderfully fuse together numerous exhilarating stories of worlds take the form of magically melted inner linked vibrant contemporary elements, brilliant creatures, special characters, unique eyes, particular gods, deep mythological vibes, elected human beings and profound powerful energies. Raphaël's universe in motion pays homage to the richness of adventure, quest and celebration of life.

Inscribed in a new art current, Raphaël is driven by a communicative and stimulating enthusiasm. It’s creative movement is fueled by a deep connection with nature and urban vibrations.

The most contemporary universe paintings.